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I blog about whatever interests me.  So you will find a variety of different topics. 
At the moment, because I am fascinated about World War 2 and have set my present novel in that era,
you might find I am blogging about interesting stories of that time. 
But I also love blogging about what I  have learned about writing, or about interesting people and places.  


Have a look and click on whatever interests you.

Do you have a lucky mascot?

This poignant story (below) about a World War 2 bomber pilot and his “Pinnie the Wooh” bear mascot made me think about what mascots other...

What I’ve learned about magazine covers

I have recently just had S A Country Life magazine choose my photo for their January 2020 cover. You can imagine how excited I was as I...

Red tears that really do fall from the sky

I had been told about the helicopter that dropped rose petals on the Italian prisoners’ graves, but only when a petal landed on my...

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