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Exploring historical railway
Enjoy the bush

Hi, I’m Sue Adams, avid collector of stories, travel writer and photographer for magazines and author.


Give me a dusty road through stunning countryside, a few old ruins, some quirky people and I’m happy. I love finding unusual stories especially the ones that make people cry and laugh, hug each other and want to read more.


My day job is writing and taking photographs for travel magazines (and no I don’t get freebies) but occasionally
I take off (my motto is “When in doubt, resign”) and go story hunting.  I have sailed to Madagascar and interviewed
a modern-day pirate, inadvertently qualified as an animal tracker while doing an article on anti-poaching,
discovered ancient ruins and swum with sharks in South Africa, and eaten fried tarantulas in Cambodia.
For me the more way out the better.


I have 2 grown up children, who used to shake their heads in horror at my travels,
but now join me when they can.I have lived on a yacht, in a game reserve,
alongside a canal and now stay in a small village next to the sea near Cape Town, South Africa.
If I don’t have a pen in my hand, then I’m probably holding a cup of tea or swimming in the sea.


Please look at the other pages on this website to see exactly what I do.

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